The MBURU bag is our signature piece as it represents an essential part of our culture and embodies the very essence of our dignity : the ability to wake, get out and fight for yourself.
Youth employment in Senegal is a real issue. You see all these young guys on the streets trying to sell anything ; it’s not that they’re are not educated, but there aren’t enough jobs to give. Yet you see them every morning, smiling, running, selling cashews, toys, fruits or phone credit, because to hustle is to keep going as long as you’re alive.
MBURU means [bread] in wolof. The name of the bag is inspired by the Dakar youth hustling spirit — who wakes up to earn their ‘bread’ every single day. The MBURU bag is an essentials keeper ; your phone, your cards and maybe some change (…) all you need to go out there and make it happen for yourself — with style.